Struggling with playing your music or audio books?

For many people with little or no eyesight, trying to operate “normal” shop-bought stereo equipment to listen to your tapes, cd’s or radio can often be difficult and extremely frustrating!

However, did you know that nab is your local agents for distributing British Wireless for the Blind Fund’s (BWFB) easy to use audio equipment. The high quality audio equipment has been specially designed and adapted for listeners living with sight loss and the national charity offers a range of sets to meet different needs. Amongst their range is the simple Duet 2 digital radio, the comprehensive Concerto and their unique wireless internet audio player the Sonata.

All radios can be bought direct from BWFB or if you are aged over 8, registered blind or partially sighted and in receipt of means tested benefits you may qualify to receive one on free permanent loan from nab.


To find out more, call our Helpline: 01604 719193 or visit British Wireless for the Blind Fund’s website.